Best Landscaping & Flowers to Plant in Georgia

Let’s talk about the four seasons of Georgia for those who aren’t aware of it. The place is known for its fall as well as the winter season. Even though the cold weather starts to kick in at the start of November that does not mean that nature does not allow flowers to bloom every year. Fall is considered to be the season where the best flowers to plant in Georgia are blooming with glee enjoying the spring and becoming a delightful presence for people.

It is time to get educated regarding the best flowers to plant in Georgia.

1.   Begonia

The Begonia is known for its long stay from spring to the cold season thereby declaring it as a popular bedding flower grown in Georgia. It exists in a variety of colors including pink, white and red. Other varieties of Begonia involve a more bronze tone and some variety of green coupled with white. Most of the variety of Begonia that exists in Georgia is able to resist the sun’s heat. Another type known as Tuberous Begonia is amongst the best flowers to plant in Georgia but may not be suitable for the landscape towards the south of Georgia.

2.   Dusty Miller

The word “Dusty Miller” is in reference of a variety of dissimilar plant species. To be more specific, Jacobea Maritima, which belongs to the family of Asteraceae, is in fact grown in Georgia. Because of its attractive yellow color, the bees seem to be very fond of this flower. While fall is considered the best time for Dusty Miller, it does not mean they do not survive the rest of the year. In fact, they can bear the frost and are found blooming even during the summer time.

3.   Impatiens

Found amongst the list of best flowers to plant in Georgia, Impatiens is visible the entire spring and fall season. They may be as tall as 6 inches and even 2-3 feet, for some varieties. The color range for this flower is extensive except for the fact that you don’t find them in the color blue. Impatiens will work best when provided shade. If you and nature is able to provide them the moisture they require, they will tolerate the heat. This flower is commonly referred to as Touch-Me-Not because once it is ripe, any form of contact will immediately make the seed pods burst open.

4.   Snap Dragon

Do not let the name fool you into judging the flower so quickly. These attractive flowers belonging to the genus Antirrhinum will survive the entire fall and winter season. Even if the temperature at night falls low in the 40s or shoot up towards the 70s during the daytime, these flowers manage to save themselves from wilting.

5.   Petunia

Petunia has always remained a popular heat bearer which demands enough moisture added with fertility in order to remain erect. It is known to remain in its best state if it is grown along the coast.

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