7 Innovative Applications of Water Features for Your Garden

Blog1 - 7 Innovative Applications of Water Features for Your Garden

Gardens are a natural escape for us and our loved ones. It is the first and last resort to feel comfortable and relax while experiencing the integration of the outdoors and the surroundings. In this article, we take a look at 7 innovative applications for water features in your very own garden. Let’s get started.

1. Standing Water Feature

The most natural manifestations of the flow of water in nature are undoubtedly the most calming and beautiful. By installing an upright water feature, you can apply this model in your garden easily. These water features are available in all shapes and sizes; marble or semi-polished stone. You are even able to customize the strength and speed of water through the machine. Combining such a water feature with your natural garden will give a mesmerizing effect.

2. The Waterfall-Effect

Use a space in your garden and design and build a small water surface in a rectangular area. Next, you would have to create a renewable source of water that flows constantly and push water towards the end of the water basin, which is similar to old irrigation channels. Clean the water feature on a regular basis.

garden1 - 7 Innovative Applications of Water Features for Your Garden

3. Decoration

Some water features are not only to add some peace and serenity to our outdoor spaces but also to pretty it up. There are loads of options for keen gardeners, and there really is no better way to beautify your garden than to add a lovely water feature to it.

4. Water Staircase

It is very appropriate for the flow of water in gardens. Gravel in the floor is much like the tropical rivers and the source of the water as the pump. What makes this design great is the fact that the stones adds some realism while the water trickles down the path.

5. Pure Elegance

In the heart of natural walls made of stones, the water can flow from behind in a simple water table. In such a case, we prefer to have a window situated closeby to enable dwellers to view this comforting water feature even while indoors.

6. Domestic Simulation

This idea is wonderful if placed at the entrance to the house and if it is a self-contained water feature. If it has floors made of decorative gravel and semi-dark glass it earns an extra point in our books!

garden2 - 7 Innovative Applications of Water Features for Your Garden

7. Improve the Overall Appearance

These water features will ensure the sound of continuous water running. Not only will this be soothing, but it is great for your greenery in the garden too.

We trust that you have enjoyed reading our article on innovative applications and uses for water features. Can you think of any other use of water features apart from decoration? What type of design would you install in your own yard?

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