Bedroom Design – Children Furniture that Makes Your Kid’s Room Unique

kids furniture - Bedroom Design - Children Furniture that Makes Your Kid's Room Unique

Nobody ever said that parenting is easy. However, it is a part of life, and one should enjoy it and not endured it. One important part of every child is to design his/her own bedroom. It is usually the case that children have no say in their bedroom design, but by the age of 6 it is ideal to teach the child few things about color, decor and furniture of their room. We just want to make sure that we provide a non toxic kids furniture for health and safety purposes. There are so many choices these days when it comes to designing a room that it becomes virtually impossible to choose a perfect theme for the room.

The themes you can get for your child’s bedroom is limitless. If your child likes cowboys you could choose the Wild West theme; a unique theme which can bring forth brilliant ideas for designing. You could make the furniture look really ancient and use aesthetic nails. Few grains can be added to cupboards and wardrobes. You could also put wheels of the wagon on the wall and saloon doors onto the wardrobe and cupboards to give the Wild West theme a perfect finish. When it come to color schemes, all shades of brown and other dusty colors fit the theme ideally. You could also add a painting of cactus to enhance the desert look.

If you have a daughter, you could go for a room that looks right out from a fairytale. Girls usually are very comfortable with different shades of the color pink and you could use this color very easily when opting for the fairyland theme. You could add plentiful backboards to drawers and dressers which will look absolutely fabulous, and you could also paint few stars on the ceiling or even better if you could replace the stars with radium cut stars; during the night the room ceiling would look amazing. The bed is also extremely important to complete the fairyland theme and so choose drapes for the bed such that it hangs from a point from the ceiling; this adds to the effect.

It is always better to involve the child to know what it truly likes. You should also keep[ in mind that the themes need not be gender oriented always. You could use the crayon box theme to make a simple yet exciting change to the bedroom. The furniture that is in the children’s bedroom can be changed with loads of paint and artistic skills. Always remember that the color of this theme must be dominating and so paint the furniture with the colors that correspond to the color of the walls. Children usually love the theme and some researches have shown that it helps in the development of the child.

Another brilliant idea to change the bedroom of your child is the ‘under the sea’ theme. This is one of the best innovative ways to trigger the child’s curiosity to know about marine life and nature in general. The bed could be a boat bed and the wardrobe can be made to look like a lighthouse. You could also paint the wall with different sea creatures starfish, dolphins, sharks and literally any creature you like. To add to the effect of the theme you could install carpets that have seabed color.

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