8 Ideas For Adding a Water Feature in Your Garden

Blog11 - 8 Ideas For Adding a Water Feature in Your Garden

BEWARE: Please make sure to check your plumbing and septic before doing any of these tips. Always call a professional and have them come out. If you need a plumber in cumming ga or a nearby septic service provider.

There are many details that you can add to your garden that will give you a beautiful design and will add a special style to your garden. The details that you can add will give you a very special and personal touch. The presence of elements of nature, such as water features, together in one place will add character to your garden.

In this article, we take a look at 8 different water feature design ideas that you can install in your own garden easily.

1. Fountain and Mirror

A transparent design for the fountain gives it a touch of transparency and merges with nature in a wonderful and distinctive way. The presence of the fountain with the mirror also adds a wonderful visual continuity to the design of the fountain.

2. Natural Fountain

The designer uses a glass frame when designing the fountain to connect the beauty of nature from the outside and the design of the house from the inside. We find a water wall with a transparent and beautiful design.

3. Contemporary Design

Another design model for the modern style fountain, the designer uses two parallel walls of lime bricks and some glass shelves that create a smooth and modern touch in the design of the fountain, and its size is very suitable for any garden area.

img6 - 8 Ideas For Adding a Water Feature in Your Garden

(Pic courtesy of Landscape Charleston)

4. Classic Fountain

If you are a lover of classic style designs, this fountain will impress you very much. A classic fountain design only requires a stone brick basin.

5. Japanese Granite Fountain

If you want something that is a bit different, you will like this design. All you will need is a long granite basin and decorative stones, and you will have a wonderful fountain design with an attractive Japanese style.

6. Simple Fountain

If the spaces within your garden are limited to that very characteristic idea of a small fountain, a small set of pottery that is surrounded by a wooden box and some gravel to give you a touch of gravity in the design of your garden.

7. Beauty from Nature

Here, the designer selects the plants in an elegant way, and is similar to the Roman fountain designs, in a way that gave the design beauty and your garden a touch of creativity.

8. Wall Fountain

A wonderful design of a wicker fountain mounted on the wall, interspersed with some degrees of wood and very characteristic touches of nature and some plants.

We hope that you are inspired to invest in a great water feature for your garden to add a sense of peace and serenity. Whether you like a modern or traditional water feature design, the choice is yours. Remember to select a design that complements your style and decor.




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