13 Amazing Ideas For Designing a Vertical Garden

Blog3 - 13 Amazing Ideas For Designing a Vertical Garden

If you have a beautiful garden with many different plants, you have one of the pleasures of life, although nurturing and watching it thrive requires attention and dedication it is truly a rewarding gift from the beauty of nature.

You do not need a lot of space to have a garden. A little bit of soil that is great for irrigation is all you need for creating a beautiful garden.

Remember that by adding a garden to your home, the quality of the air in your home improves drastically, a property that is unique to plants when using it as decoration. It is also timeless, and when taken care of, can last a lifetime.

1. Recycling

Recycling is a method that reuses objects, which are disposable. In this project, treated wooden window panels were used. This simple and creative idea won’t cost a lot of money.

2. Choice of Plants

Search for easily accessible and low-maintenance types of plants. If you aren’t sure about what type of plants would be best for creating your own vertical garden, be sure to ask your local nursery. You will find helpful tips there on the best type of plants as well as how to arrange them effectively.

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3. Hang Some Clay Pots

This is perfect for those with limited space for gardening. If you are living in an apartment complex with a balcony, simply hang some clay planters and plant some of your favorite plants in them – great for space saving and adding some greenery to your outdoor living space.

4. Repurposed Old Dresser

Do you need to add some more greenery to your home? Why not use an old dresser and repurpose it for your own vertical garden? All you need to do is use the drawers for spaces to plant by adding some soil and planting it with some plants of your choice. For a full-on waterfall-effect, pull out the drawers unevenly and scattered before planting.

5. Succulent Messages

If you are a bit more creative, you can have some hollow letter frames made, plant some succulents in them, and hang them on your wall for the perfect feature vertical garden.

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6. Repurposed Pallets

This is great if you want to save some money. You can easily get old pallets from nurseries or hardware stores at a fraction of the price. Mount them to an outdoor wall, and start planting your vertical garden!

7. Repurposed Ladder

If you have an old ladder, why not use it as a vertical garden? Simply place your potted plants on the ladder. This is great as a decor item, but also perfect for adding some more greenery to your living space.

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8. Repurposed Shoe Storage

Perfect for planting your own herb garden, old shoe organizers are great to use as vertical gardens. Simply mount the organizer on the wall of your choice, add some soil in the shoe pockets, and start planting.

9. Recycled Plastic

Next time you have some plastic bottles laying around, instead of throwing them out, reuse them as planters. Simply cut a hole for soil in the bottles, add some soil and seeds, and hang them on a wall.

10. Stack Some Crates

Use some old wooden crates as your planters, fill them with soil and plants, and stack them. This is simple and cost-effective. Just make sure you stack the crates in such a way that the growth of plants isn’t hindered.

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11. Recycled Sisal Pockets

Perfect for those aiming to live green, literally. When you buy some of these planter pockets, you get grommets with them, which makes installation easy. You also won’t have to worry about wear and tear, as these pockets will last a lifetime. Simply attach to a wall, fill with soil and plant!

12. Glass Terrariums

Great for turning your indoor space into a magical garden. Terrariums aren’t too much of a hassle and do not need as much maintenance. Simply hang your glass terrarium from the ceiling and you are good to go.

13. Copper Railing

Whether you want to add a vertical garden indoors or outdoors – with this idea you can do both. Simply repurpose a copper pipe or old towel railing and hang some plants in planters from it.

We trust that you now have tons of ideas to create your own magical vertical garden and that you are eager to get started. Remember, gardening takes care and maintenance – remember to water your plants on a regular basis and give it some plant food every now and then.

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