How an Alpharetta Kitchen Remodel Increased Home Value by 10%

alpharetta - How an Alpharetta Kitchen Remodel Increased Home Value by 10%

Alpharetta is a suburb outside of Atlanta that is extremely upscale and affluent. Cabinet Cottage, a kitchen remodeling company in Alpharetta, is happy to share tips on how to improve the value of your home. They have several clients who were able to get significantly more for their home by implementing these tips.

If you are trying to sell your home and finding the task increasingly more of an uphill battle rather than smooth sailing then try a few home improvements to make the buyers fall in love with your property. It does not matter what the size of your home is or the present day value. While many homes across Alpharetta and the rest of the country have discovered the depreciation of their homes, the good news is that the property market is a fickle beast and has had a strong recovery. In the long run the odds have been in our favor, with the market rising throughout 2018. In addition to that, there are many things you can do to be ready for the return of a viable property market and maximum value of your home. The important thing to keep in mind is the concept of building equity in your home is not a concept to ever abandon even in the present economic crisis that has rocked the mortgage and financial institutions of America. For this homeowner who was moving from Alpharetta, they wanted to get the most possible from their home.

Areas that will always improve the equity in your home are still the kitchen. The kitchen will never go out of style when it comes to home buyers the kitchen remains the key room in the house. A bad kitchen design or outdated kitchen is always a real deal breaker no matter what the buyer feels or thinks of the rest of the property. Revamping the kitchen with new cabinet doors or flooring will increase the value and general décor of the kitchen. A kitchen island where space allows is a definite yes just in case you were wondering. Kitchen islands are both handy and useful additions to family oriented or well-designed kitchens.

Another key factor in making your kitchen the pride and joy of your home is to update all appliances to energy saving appliances to ensure the best quality and potential your kitchen will bring to the overall value of your property. Other energy saving options to incorporate in your Eco-friendly additions are highly efficiency insulation and high window efficiency. Once you kit your home out with the latest in energy saving appliances and installation the interest in your property should shoot through the roof. Energy saving conscious buyers will value the property so much more.

Open space in the home is key these days replacing the previous popular must have which was additions rooms in the home. The more open and inviting your home is the more buyers can actually see themselves making your home their home. Taking the time to develop the outdoor space surrounding your property to make it the ultimate outdoor living area is a big bonus. Buyers really get excited about the potential of using outdoor space for leisure use or family time. So, think big. Creating the ultimate outdoor space is a must. Outdoor furnishings and cozy setting will enhance not just your property but the potential sell of your property as well.

A Short Story of an Alpharetta Homeowner

kitchen remodel alpharetta - How an Alpharetta Kitchen Remodel Increased Home Value by 10%Jim H. was a homeowner living in Alpharetta moving a few cities over in Suwanee. They had already purchased their home and hired a group of Alpharetta Movers to move them. They still hadn’t sold their house yet, because they were wanting to add value to maximize their profit. When we heard these guys were wanting to remodel their kitchen before selling their house, I thought for sure they were crazy. In general, it is very difficult to attain any ROI on remodels like this. However, they were adamant. The main thing we did here was to focus on what is popular, highly sought after, and cut corners where possible. We wanted to strictly make changes that were likely to increase value and make the most out of what we had. After getting their alpharetta garage door repaired, they figured out the next thing to do would be to spice up their kitchen.

We kept the original cabinets but refinished and painted them white to look beautiful. We created a new kitchen island and replaced the old countertops with affordable, but highly sought-after material to make the most. We added in beautiful new stainless steel appliances. The touches that we added were simple, affordable, but made the kitchen look so good it was able to change people’s view of the whole house. After an appraiser and realtor looked at the home, they appraised the house at $30,000 more than what they had originally, all on a project that cost less than $20,000. The moral of the story is this:

If you are remodeling anything in your home, do it for investment or do it for love. Don’t design it to exactly the way you want it and expect to get that money back. If you have a specific vision in your head or of your dream kitchen, go into it as a purchase. Not everyone else will like the same things as you. If you want to do it for investment, figure out what the least amount of money you can spend to make the kitchen look its best is.


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