Our Top 10 Tips to Liven Up Outdoor Living Spaces

Every person who has a yard, patio or deck can use a few ideas to jazz up their living spaces. Every living space shows who you are and your personality. Adding your personal touch throughout your living space brings much comfort and joy to you and your guests.

In this article, we’ll give you our top 10 tips that will help you liven up your outdoor living areas.

1. Drafting Ideas

Get a few ideas in your mind before you begin, it will make planting and planning much easier than a decorate-as-you-go plan. If you have a vision in mind, draw it up on paper to keep track of your initial idea.

2. Pot Plants as a Starter

Start with some pot plants. You will want larger plants and trees against fences or walls. They need to be used as a border and do not allow the larger trees and plants to cover up the smaller ones. Trees come in all shapes, sizes, and best of all an array of colors. A colorful outdoor living area brings happiness. There’s always a tree service to call on when you think you aren’t ready yet to deal with larger trees and plants.

3. Think of a Theme

Start with a theme in mind, and decorate around your theme. An example of a theme is “a walk in the woods”, where you might want to build a path to complement the theme. With a  “cooling sensation” theme, you might consider adding a water feature or a pond.

4. Barbecues for Guests

A nice clean barbecue grill is a welcoming thought for the outdoor living enthusiast. Place your grill where it can be easily accessed when running from your kitchen to the grill with foods.

5. Add Some Shade

Tables with umbrellas are a nice touch and provide shade. Pick out patio furniture that looks comfortable and a color that will coordinate with all your other decorations.

6. Welcoming Walkways

If you decide on a walkway, place your own unique stepping-stones by digging your design into the ground. Make it about 3 inches deep and shape, round, square, oblong, star, goldfish. Whatever shape you decide is great. Now mix up some cement in a 5-gallon bucket or wheelbarrow. Take some of the Old Dishes that you never use, or some you found at yard sales, and break them into small pieces. Place the pieces of broken dishes into the hole you designed. Carefully pour the cement mix into that hole you made. Let set and lift out of the hole. You will see your cracked and broken dishes displayed beautifully into the new stepping-stone. Get inventive and design several.

7. Upgrade Your Deck

Paint or stain your deck if you have one. A beautiful Redwood will go with about any accessory you may want to accent your deck with. Painting a bright color is not advisable because of color coordination problems. Once your Deck or porch is nicely stained or painted, you are ready to add some beautiful bright accents.

8. Add some Colorful Accents

Accents can be anything from flowers to ceramic statues. If choosing flowers, to begin with, consider where the flowering plant is going to be located. Flowers and flower pots can hang from the rails of your deck, sit in a pot in the corner, or in flowerbed boxes. Think of color coordination also.

9. Fairy Lights for Romantic Evenings

Adding Lights that twinkle, or lights that turn on when movement is sensed. Lighting can be fun. Add white lights to the trees and let them flicker. Alternatively, add string lanterns around the deck or house. Both styles of lighting are great for all aspects of entertaining in your jazzed up outdoor living space.

10. Keeping it Up

Keep in mind to keep it colorful and clean. Wash your furniture, touch up with paint or stain, and decorate furniture and tables with stencils, stickers, and borders.

Now that you have some very handy tips on how to breathe new life into your outdoor living space, you are probably eager to try some of these tips out. We wish you all the best and remember to enjoy every step of the way!

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