Not everyone has a large area to make their own private garden. Does this prevent us from setting up a small garden at home? Not at all. There are many options for those living in smaller, urban spaces that will allow you to make your space green and inviting.

If you have limited space available, you can make your own garden in the small space in front of the house or on the balcony of your apartment complex. Of course, it will not be a great place to stroll and play with the children, but at least it will be a green space that makes you feel comfortable in your home and allows you to communicate with nature, and escape from the city noise.

We offer you 5 tutorials from reliable sources to make your own amazing garden below.

1. Front Yard Garden

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2. Urban Gardening

2 - Tutorials

3. Bamboo Garden

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4. Perfect colors Garden

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5. Classic Garden

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Now that you have access to these wonderful tutorials, what will you do with your small space? Will you try to make your own little herb garden? Or perhaps opt for the more intricate vertical garden? Whatever you decide to try out, we are sure that you will ace it and soon discover your hidden talent and green fingers.

If you have any landscaping or gardening queries, be sure to contact one of our experts who will be more than happy to assist.